Chopped Pork BBQ 

1/3 lb. Portion Size

Chopped Pork and Chicken Combo 

1/4 lb. Pork and one piece chicken

Brunswick Stew 

4 oz. Portion Size

Baked Beans 

4 oz. Portion Size

Green Beans 

4 oz. Portion Size


4 oz. Portion Size


Mac & Cheese

Full Pan

Loaf Bread or Buns 

3 Buns for every 2 persons


Plates, Cups, Napkins, Forks, Knives, Spoons


10 people per gallon


1 large cookie

Banana Pudding 

1/2 pan (feeds around 16 people)

Full pan (feeds around 32 people)

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Prices above are for Pickup or a Local Delivery ONLY. Delivery has to be arranged ahead of time and is subject to availability. Full Service is available at additional cost. Please call for additional information regarding Full Service or ANY of our other policies including Cancellations and Availability of Times or Dates.


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